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Selling a house can be overwhelming since most people have very little experience with the detailed intricacies that must be handled. More often than not, homeowners choose the traditional way of selling homes (i.e., through a realtor) because they want the entire process to be handled by professionals knowing there are numerous steps involved before a property can be deemed “market ready.”

The actual sales process, the process of transferring title from one entity to another, is heavily regulated and requires a firm understanding of real estate law as well as all compliance requirements associated with real estate transactions and transfers.

Fortunately, Speedy Offer takes care of all these things for you.
Our team of home buying experts have over 40 years of collective experience handling every step of a real estate transaction so that the property transfer process is smooth and efficient.


Here is how the process works:

1. Information Gathering

The very first step for us is to completely understand your unique situation. We recognize that no two transactions are alike, and it is important for us to understand your situation and needs so that our specialists can ensure that we take the best approach to finding a solution that meets your needs.

This starts with a simple phone call where you explain the details of your situation, describe the condition of your property, and make us aware of anything that might hinder the transfer process such as liens or levies. Remember, we are on your side! All information gathering conversations are protected under non-disclosure. We use this information to determine how we may best help you.

2. Cash Offer

Most of the time, the next step in the process is for one of our specialists to visit your property to confirm the property condition details discussed over the phone, and to put together a cash offer contract on the spot for you that meets your needs.

3. Acceptance

Should you choose to accept our offer, we move directly into the purchase phase. Escrow is opened immediately, and our in-house team of experts begin the purchase process. The acceptance process includes title (and sometimes additional property) inspection to ensure that all claims can be verified and that the title does not have any liens or levies recorded against it.

4. Closing

We put cash in your hands! Closing on a property means that the purchase has been completed, money has changed hands (i.e., you have been paid), and the ownership of the property has been transferred to us.

Because we have streamlined the entire home buying process, Speedy Offer takes pride in closing faster than our competitors (in certain cases, we can close within as little as 48 hours). And you can rest assured there are never any fees you are responsible for after accepting the cash offer.

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