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What differentiates Speedy Offer from other “Cash for Houses” companies?

Speedy Offer has over 40 years of experience in finding creative “win-win” solutions for home owners that are put in the unfortunate situation of immediately selling their homes. We believe there are four things that differentiate us from other “cash buyers”:

  1. Most of these “cash buyers” do not have the cash to purchase your home. Their goal is to get you to sign a contract that grants them what is called “equitable title,” which is a controlling interest in your property. Once they are positioned with a signed contract they now have the leverage to go out and attempt to sell your property to a real investor. Speedy Offer, on the other hand, is a true cash buyer. We do not depend on “hard money” loans (or other contingencies that could cause the real estate transaction to fall apart). We will happily provide you with “proof of funds” immediately upon request, which is a certified bank document (or equivalent) demonstrating that we have liquid money sitting in a bank account that can be immediately used to purchase your property. Most “cash buyers” cannot provide you immediate proof of funds, because they do not have the money and would have to go find someone that is willing to share their bank account information. You may ask, “Why is using hard money a problem?” Hard money is money that is lent on speculative real estate ventures at very high interest rates. You can be absolutely sure that your “cash buyer” has factored this “cash cost” into his offer price, which basically means that YOU are paying the interest and receiving less for your property.
  2. Most “cash buyers” are just trying to purchase your property for the absolute minimum possible. The less they give you, the more they can make. We do not view this as a “win-win” transaction. Our offers are always based on actual data. For example, upon request we can show you the comparable market sales we used to establish the value of your property. We can also walk you line-by-line through our projected rehab budget, and show you exactly how we arrived at our offer price if you desire. This allows you to put yourself in our shoes to see exactly where our incentives lie. You should be wary of any “cash buyers” that cannot justify their prices using data.
  3. One unfortunate trend in the “cash buyer” industry is that many buyers are unscrupulous and tell you what you want to hear, only to tie up your property in contract, and then use your situation against you until you walk away with a transaction that you know in your heart was deceptive and unfair. For example, many “cash buyers” will offer you an inflated price on your home (many times without ever seeing it) to give you the illusion that you are going to get a smoking deal. Once you sign the purchase contract however, these companies have total control over your property. They then can drag out the closing of your transaction until the very last minute, where you are effectively stuck, and then demand a drastic reduction in purchase price, forcing you to have to sell your home way below market value. They will usually accompany this with the smoke screen of not realizing how much work your home needed. You should be very wary of “cash buyers” that offer to pay you what you are asking for without ever having visited your property. Speedy Offer is different in that we use the initial phone call to understand your unique situation and needs, and determine which potential strategies might make the most sense. We then schedule a meeting at your property to walk through your property to verify the condition of the property, settle on a particular strategy, and write up a cash offer in your presence. Since we will have already evaluated the property, you can feel confident that our offers are always 100% genuine, and you can rest assured that we are not going to try to renegotiate the price later based on your property’s condition.
  4. Speedy Offer prides itself on finding very creative solutions that can help homeowners out of situations that most other buyers miss. We encourage you to give us a call and let us prove to you how we may be able to help you.
How fast can Speedy Offer close escrow?

Our company has the ability to close escrow within as little as 2 days. With that said, sometimes the process takes longer, but we can assure you that it is not because of us. Real estate transfers must go through a title/escrow company and these companies have a number of tasks they MUST legally perform, including:

  • Preparation of title insurance for the buyers
  • Preparation of deeds
  • Preparation of closing documents
  • Preparation of settlement statements
  • Check for any record of existing liens, levies, or delinquent taxes
  • Check on the HOA bills and transfer fees
  • Verification that any trusts or LLC’s are legitimate and that the signers are authorized representatives of these entities
  • Easements
  • Deed restrictions
  • And MUCH MORE…

More often than not, this process takes 10 to 15 days provided there are no long weekends, holidays, or any other form of delays that might incur. A “typical” real estate transaction usually takes about 45 days, assuming the buyer is trying to qualify for a conventional loan. But Speedy Offer is not a “typical” buyer (i.e., we have our own cash to close, and we have streamlined the purchase process to eliminate the standard hang ups that happen in other transactions), so our average time to close escrow is much faster.
If you happen to be in a situation where you need some funds sooner than the closing process will allow, we may be able to help with that. Just let us know your situation is and we will assist in figuring out the details.

How does it work if I want to sell my property to Speedy Offer?

We know you are in a stressful situation, and we work to make sure your experience is as simple and as easy as possible. A high level overview of the process is as follows:

  • Provide us with the basic information on your property and your unique situation. You can call us at (480) 269-0010 or you can fill out the form on our site.
  • Once we have carefully evaluated the details of your situation, we will determine a suitable potential strategy that can work for your situation and schedule a visit to your property.
  • During our meeting, we will inspect the property and finalize our calculations necessary to make you an offer.
  • We discuss the details of our offer, along with how we arrived at our price. If you decide that you would like to proceed, we will generate a contract for you to sign during the meeting.
  • When you accept our offer, we will set a closing date that meets your needs. In some cases, we can close in as little as 2-3 days. We can also arrange to purchase your property while still allowing you and your family to stay in it for a reasonable amount of time while you make alternate arrangements.
  • We will close on our agreed-upon date, and present you with your choice of a cashier’s check or a wire transfer directly into your bank account.
Will there be fees involved if Speedy Offer needs to see my property? And do I have to pay anything if Speedy Offer buys my property?

Absolutely not! Speedy Offer assures that there will NEVER be fees involved in any aspect of selling your home. There are no costs to the homeowner ever! Not only will Speedy Offer pay all closing costs but we never ask you to clean up, make any repairs, or pay for any inspections.

Just to be crystal clear: There are NEVER any costs incurred by the home owner.

Are there any “hidden charges”?

Absolutely not! Believe us when we say there are NO costs to the homeowner. There is a reason why we are considered as one of the best in the industry and that is because we always observe fair practices in all of our business transactions with our clients.

Of course, there are many other companies that will find ways to charge you different fees (listing fee, inspection fee, brokerage fee, commissions, etc.) to monetize your situation. We can assure you that Speedy Offer is not one of them, as we cover all buyer and seller costs associated with the real estate transaction.

How long does it take to sell my property?

Typically, you can have your home sold and have cash in hand in as little as 2 – 3 days (or any time frame that you prefer). However, the real answer to this question depends upon your situation and if there are any barriers to transferring title that may exist.

Should your situation calls for a longer purchase cycle, please do not hesitate to inform us as we can make the necessary arrangements and allow your family to stay after closing.

How will I receive the cash payment?

We can arrange for your choice of a cashier’s check or money wired directly into your bank account. All transactions are recorded through an escrow/title company.

Will I be obligated to accept the offer that is made by Speedy Offer?

Of course not! You are under no legal obligation to work with us. Our fair and speedy cash offer is provided free of charge and in good faith in an effort to earn your business. Even if you do not accept our offer, you will benefit from the wealth of knowledge that our seasoned real estate buyers will provide. Regardless of whether or not you choose to accept our offer, we hope your experience with us will empower you to make the best decision for your needs and your situation.

What if I decide not to work with Speedy Offer?

No problem! We want to help you make the best decision for yourself and your family. We will always provide the very best information and an honest assessment of your situation. If our offer does not work for you, you are not sure, or change your mind before executing the purchase contract, it is not a problem. We have a strong reputation in the Valley and want to keep it that way. We are aiming to earn your trust and your business.

How does Speedy Offer come up with the price it is offering for my property?

We recognize the fact that every property is unique. We look at a number of factors to determine the value of your property, including:

  • The current condition of your property
  • The square footage of the property
  • The size of the lot
  • The age of the property
  • The location
  • The style of the property
  • The construction of the property
  • The curb appeal
  • The neighborhood and the surrounding properties
  • The cost of repairs
  • Property usage
  • Available comps
  • The “rent-ability” of the property
  • Any external detractors that affect its value (such as proximity to a major street, railroad, airport, etc.)
  • The projected future appreciation

There are many factors that go into determining the value of your property. You can rest assured that we have the experience and ability to assess your property from more angles than any realtor or investment company can offer, and we will always do our best to offer a fair cash price.

I am facing foreclosure. Would Speedy Offer still consider buying my property?

Yes! In fact, we can often help you avoid the foreclosure entirely. The sooner you contact us, the easier it is for us to help you with your situation.

I am in foreclosure. Would Speedy Offer still consider buying my property?

Yes, we have a number of options that will allow us to purchase your home and still avoid the mark of a foreclosure on your credit record. We have spent years negotiating with banks and are experts on foreclosure avoidance. Remember, it is always possible to stop foreclosure.

I need to do a “Short Sale.” Can Speedy Offer do that?

Yes, we are capable of handling the vast majority of short sale situations. We are experts in “short sales” and we know how to negotiate directly with banks and lenders so that your home sells quickly.

I have to leave the state to work. Can I sell my property even if I am not there?

Absolutely! We can make arrangements so you sign the closing documents wherever you are. In fact, we have worked with homeowners who are out of state during the entire transaction. We communicate via phone and email and we usually have a notary of visit you wherever you are on the date of signing. We have even worked with clients who were traveling internationally during the home buying process.

I cannot afford to fix up my property. Would Speedy Offer still be interested in purchasing my property even if it is not in a marketable condition?

Yes! These are exactly the kind of properties we specialize in. We buy vacant, vandalized, condemned, fire or flood-damaged real estate all the time. There is no such thing as a property that is “too terrible.”

What kind of people sell their properties to Speedy Offer?

Speedy Offer deals with people from all walks of life who want to sell their properties quickly and easily, and who want to work with a company that values people over profits. People come to Speedy Offer for many reasons:

  • They are not satisfied with the results they are getting by their real estate agent, or they simply want to avoid commissions.
  • They have become discouraged by the current real estate market in Arizona.
  • They may have a property that is in poor condition or is located in a difficult neighborhood.
  • They may have a property that needs more repair than they can afford.
  • They may have inherited a property they do not want, or have a home with title issues.
  • They may need or want to sell quickly due to a job transfer, divorce, or bankruptcy.
  • They may be struggling with late mortgage payments or may already be facing foreclosure.
  • They may be upside down on their property and in need of completing a short sale.
  • They may just not want to deal with the hassle of selling a property.
Would Speedy Offer be interested in buying multiple properties?

Absolutely! We buy houses, lots, condos, apartments, multi-family homes, commercial buildings, and even trailers in some cases. If you have multiple properties that you need to sell at once, then we are more than capable of purchasing all of your properties at once.

Often times when someone dies, their estate has numerous properties that need to be liquidated. It is important to understand the probate process in order to properly deal with these properties. This is something Speedy Offer has extensive experience with.

I lost my deed. Would Speedy Offer still be interested in buying my property?

Yes! Provided there are no other issues (creditors, liens, etc.), we are more than capable of purchasing your property, even if the deed is lost. This is a fairly easy problem to solve in most cases and often just requires a call to the County Recorder’s Office.

I am going through a divorce. Can I sell my property without my spouse knowing?
As with all legal matters, we strongly urge you to seek legal guidance. With that said, in the vast majority of cases, we can purchase a property as long as it is not jointly owned. This can also depend on the community property laws in your state, and what stage of divorce you are currently in. Make sure to seek legal counsel to ensure you are not unintentionally doing anything illegal.
Would Speedy Offer buy properties with tenants currently living in them?
Yes! We will honor the existing lease you have with your tenant and in many cases will want the tenant to stay even longer. Our properties are professionally managed and cared for so your tenant will be treated fairly and respectfully during the purchase process and throughout their stay.
Would Speedy Offer be able to assist me in finding a new property after purchasing my old property?
Yes. Synchronized transactions are a part of the services we offer. We would love to help you find a new property upon the closing of your former property.
Do I have to hire a Realtor if I am going to sell my property to Speedy Offer?
No Realtors are required when you sell your property to us. Avoiding Realtor commissions is one of the many benefits of working with Speedy Offer. However, we highly recommend that you seek professional guidance. We have a reliable team of Realtors we work with if you are interested in speaking with one.
What is a title company?
A title company is a neutral third party company that provides title insurance, ensures that the real estate being transacted is free of any liens and/or encumbrances, and creates a place of signing between the buyer and seller.
What is earnest money?
Earnest money is money placed in escrow to legitimize a purchase contract and demonstrate the buyer’s desire to purchase the property in question.
Will there be people coming in to check my property?
Yes, there might be agents, contractors, and/or investors coming to your property, but no one will enter without your consent. Sometimes, when we expect several people to visit your property, we will place a lockbox on your home and we will closely monitor any access to the box.
My spouse is on title with me and now we are divorced, but I received the house in the divorce. Is this going to be a problem?
Not at all! We just need a copy of the divorce papers and depending on the situation, we may require a deed to be signed.
What does signing mean?
Signing is the process of going to the title company to sign the closing documents.
What is recording?
Recording is the process where the title company hands over your warranty deed and stamps it as property transferred.
What is selling?
It means there is a ready, willing, and able buyer who is interested in purchasing your property.
When can I turn off the utilities?
You can do this on the day of closing.
What happens if I am unable to get off of work to sign the closing documents?
That is not a problem. Our title company has mobile notaries that can meet you wherever you are.
Do I have to be present along with my spouse to sign and approve the documents?
While it is easiest and most efficient if both of you are present to sign and approve the documents, our title company can make two separate signings work when needed.
How can I receive the payment if I am going on a vacation at the time of the closing?
Our title company will have complete a document at closing where you can choose to receive your money by wire transfer into your bank account.
Why am I required to pay for the taxes?
The taxes are to be paid in arrears (after the fact). Our title company will help explain to you on the HUD how taxes are paid.

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