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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There are so many cash buyers in the real estate market today, why should I pick your company over the others?

    We strive to offer each of our customers a cash offer that you can rely on with NO Contingencies and with 0 FEES paid by the seller. Our offers are made with contracts that do not have clauses which allow the buyer to get out of the contract at the last minute prior to closing. Many investors put these clauses into their contracts when they know they can ask for further discounts as a sales tactic. Our terms are simple and fair as we work with you to meet your needs for your sale.

  2. What reasons might you want a cash offer?

    There are many reasons why it might be easier and in your best interest to request a cash offer on your home. These reasons could be and are not limited to situations such as: Loss of job or income, bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, costly repairs, behind on your mortgage payments, divorce, etc. We would love to help you with the sale of your home so please reach out to us today.

  3. Is there any cost to me for requesting an offer?

    Requesting an offer for your property from our company is Absolutely FREE and comes with No Obligation to sell. To get started either click one of the buttons on this page and complete the form with your address along with some basic information about your property OR call us at 480-269-0010.

  4. What happens if I accept the offer you provide?

    Our team will guide you through our process to make sure you don’t have any surprises or any questions unanswered. You just pick your closing date and sit back, relax, and we will take it from there.

  5. What happens if I do not want to accept the offer you provide?

    There is NO Obligation for you to accept our offer if it does not meet your needs but we do hope that you will provide us the opportunity to try and meet your needs and expectations so you can sell your home.

"I met with several cash offer companies and my husband and I felt most
comfortable with Speedy Offer. Their sales associate that helped us was Jayson. We
let him know we were moving from AZ to Ohio. He let us pick the closing date so we
didn’t have to move twice and stay a few days after close to help us out! Positive
experience we would definitely recommend this company!"

— Rose P.

"I contacted Speedyoffer and not only did they give me what I was asking for my
home, but helped me find a good mover that didn’t charge me an arm and leg for my
move. Great help would use them again!"

— Linda

"I called Speedyoffer and met with Jayson. My family was selling my parents home
and we live out of state and didn’t want to do the entire fix up on the home. We felt
they worked with us and didn’t just come in with a take it our leave it price. All in all
it was a smooth process and we received a fair offer!"

— Ernest

"Process with Speedyoffer was great! I didn’t have money to pay for a storage unit to
move my things into from my home and they released money to me before we
closed on my home to help me out! They were very creative in addressing all my
needs that came up thru the negotiating process!"

— John